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Test Probe For UL Standard
Test Probe

Model ZLT-U11 Conform to the UL507 figure 8.2(S2140). Probe for fan impellers and other moving parts of stationary fans and fans intended to be permanently connected electrically. Handle is nylon, tip...

Load for Testing Rotating Spits
Load for Testing Rotating Spits

ZLT-LR.  This load confirms to the IEC60335-2-9 figure 102, mass approximately 4.5kg.

Thermal Deformation Test equipment
Thermal Deformation Test Device

ZLT-JR1. To determine the deformation which wire in a high temperature and load, in accordance with UL1581 560 test, and figure 560.1.

Copper Plate
Copper Disks

Made of copper or brass,15 mm in diameter and 1 mm thick,accordance with IEC 60335-1 clause 11.3.

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