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Probe for Uninsulated Live Parts For UL Standard
Probe for Uninsulated Live Parts

Model ZLT-U02,  Conforms to :UL1278 Fig 8.1(PA130A),UL507 Fig 9.1(PA135A).

Vitreous and Porcelain Enamels Pistol Impact Test Equipment
Vitreous and Porcelain Enamels Pistol Impact Test Device

ZLT-CJ6, It is for vitreous and porcelain enamels Determination of the pistol test, and accordance with ISO4532.

Spray Nozzle
IEC 60529 IPX5 & IPX6 Water Jet Nozzle

ZLT-JL2.  For checking the protection against ingress of water to prove the degrees of protection with the second characteristic numerals 5 “Protected against water jets” or 6 “Protected against ...

Appliance Stability Test Equipment
Inclined Plane Test Device

ZLT-WD1. Table Diameter :600mm ,to determine the stability of electric appliances ,in accordance with IEC60065 clause 19.1, IEC60335-1 clause 20.1, IEC60601-1 clause 24.1, IEC 60950 clause 4.1.1

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