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Flame Height Meter
Flame Height Gauge

ZLT-ZL, Flame height gauge , conform to IEC 60695-11-4 Figure 2 and IEC 60695-11-3 Figure 2 

 Calibration Test Machine For Spring Hammer
Calibration Device for Spring Hammer

ZLT-CD2, For testing and calibrating spring-operated impact hammer, in accordance with IEC60068-2-75/1997-08 Annex B, Figure B.1 to B.4 with scale for impact energies from 0.2J to 1.2J.

Test Probe for Film Coated Wire For UL Standard
Test Probe for Film Coated Wire

Model ZLT-U04,  Conforms to: UL1278 figure 8.2 (PA140A), UL398 figure 8.2 (PA170B).

Vertical Hammer Test Equipment
Vertical Hammer Test Device

ZLT-SZ1, Conforms to IEC60068-2-75 Test Ehc, The hammer consists basically of a striking element which falls freely from rest through a vertical height

Oscillating Tubes Device
IEC 60529 Oscillating Tubes Device

ZLT-DP. For checking the protection against water with spray nozzle of 0,4 mm bore are used to prove the degrees of protection for the second characteristic numerals 3 and 4 “Protection against Sprayi...

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