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  • Insulating Tape Flame Test Apparatus
    Insulating Tape Flame Tester

    This apparatus is  for testing the resistance to flame propagation for a insulating tape,according to IEC60454-2 clause 20,UL510 clause 6.

    Hearing Protectors Flammability Tester
    EN 352-1 Ear Muff Ignitability Tester

    To test ignitability of hearing protectors , according to BS EN 13819 clause 4.13 and BS EN 352. Test apparatus includes a steel rod,a heat source and a thermocouple temperature measuring device 

    Glow Wire Tester
    Glow Wire Tester ZLT-GTR

    ZLT-GTR, accordance with IEC60695-2-10(2013), IEC60335, IEC60598 and other standards.

    Needle-flame Tester
    Needle flame Tester

    ZLT-ZY2, the instrument is designed to conform to the IEC60695-11-5, IEC60695-2-2

    Tracking Tester
    Tracking Tester ZLT-LDQ1

    ZLT-LDQ1, determination of comparative tracking index of solid electrical insulating materials,conform to IEC60112,IEC 60335-1, IEC60598-1, IEC60884-1

    Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester
    Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester ZLT-UL94

    ZLT-UL94, the combustion test device of plastic materials represented by UL-94. It can perform each test of HB, V0 to V2, 5V and VTM, HBF

    Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester
    Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester ZLT-HV50

    ZLT-HV50, conform to UL94, IEC60695-11-4, IEC60695-11-10 standard, Test Flame 50W (burning test for V-0,V-1,V-2 classification .

    Horizontal Vertical Flame Test Machine
    Horizontal Vertical Flame Test Chamber ZLT-HV500

    ZLT-HV500, conform to UL94, IEC60695-11-3, IEC60695-11-20 standard, Test Flame 500W (burning test for 5VA, V5VB classification .

    Burning Characteristics Testing Chamber
    Burning Characteristics Tester

    ZLT-HV4, applicable to the single wire and cable, and soft line horizontal (FT1), vertical (VW1) combustion test,Conform to standard UL1581:1060/1061/1080/1090/1100

  • .Conductor Pull Test Device
    Conductor Pull Tester

    in accordance with IEC 60884 clause 13.4 and figure 46.

    Switch Life Test Equipment
    Switch Life Test Machine

    ZLT-SW, to test switches having rated resistive-load currents up to 16 A,in accordance with IEC60669-1 clause 18 and 19

    Plug and Socket Endurance lab tester
    Plug and Socket Endurance Tester

    ZLT-CS3, according to IEC 60884-1 figure 16 and clause 20.  3 working station for 3 specimen simultaneously.

    Plug and Socket Endurance Test equipment
    Plug and Socket Endurance Lab Test Equipment

    ZLT-CS2, according to IEC 60884-1 figure 16 and clause 20.   2 working station for 2 specimen simultaneously.

    Plug and Socket Endurance Test equipment
    Plug and Socket Endurance Testing Machine

    ZLT-CS1, to test plugs and socket-outlets, cable couplers and appliance couplers, according to IEC 60884-1 figure 16 and clause 20. 

    Flexing Test Swivel Test Equipment
    Flexing Test Swivel Machine

    ZLT-DW2, for continuous bending tests by swivelling movements to check 6 cables simultaneously, in accordance with IEC60884-1 figure 21 and VDE0620 figure 21.

    Equipment to Load the Samples
    Equipment to Load the Samples with Current

    ZLT-HZ1, installed into the test machine ZLT-DW2, housing fitted with protective cabinet to screen off the conductor ends, which carry mains voltage.

    Socket-outlet Torque Balance
    Socket-outlet Torque Balance

    ZLT-LJ2, for measuring and testing the torque strain exerted by appliances with plug pins on socket-outlets, in accordance with IEC60065 clause 15.4.1 and figure 11, IEC60335-1 clause 22.3, IEC60884-1 clause 14.23.2.

    Cord Anchorage Torque  Test Equipment
    Cord Anchorage Torque Test Device

    ZLT-LJ3, this device is for testing the resistance to torque of cord anchorages at electrical appliances provided with non detachable flexible cords according to IEC60884 1 clause 23.2(table 18),VDE0620 clause23.2(table18),IEC60335 1 table12 clause 25.15.

  • Jointed Test Finger For Japanese Standard
    Jointed Test Finger

    Model: ZLT-I02D . Conform to Japanese Standards.

    Articulate Probe with Web Stop For UL Standard
    Articulate Probe With Web Stop

    Model ZLT-U01 ,conforms to :UL507 figure 9.2,UL982,UL1278 figure 8.3,UL1062,UL1310 figure 14.2,UL474,UL60065 ,UL1741 figure 9.1,UL1017 figure 2,etc

    Test Sphere For IEC60529 IP1
    Test Sphere Φ50 mm with Handle

    ZLT-I01, this probe is conform to IEC61032 test probe A and IEC60529 IP1 and other standard. Without dynamometer, model ZLT-I01 With dynamometer 50N±5N, model ZLT-I01T

    Jointed IEC Test Finger
    Jointed IEC Test Finger

    ZLT-I02, conform to IEC61032 test probe B, IEC60950 figure 2A, IEC60529IP2, UL1278 figure 8.4 etc

    Straight Unjointed Test Probes For UL Standard
    Straight Unjointed Test Probes

    Model ZLT-U01A , conforms to IEC 62368-1 Annex V and figure V.1,

    Articulate Probe For CSA C22.2
    Articulate Probe

    Model: ZLT-C01 , Conform to the CSA C22.2. Handle is nylon, tip is stainless steel.

    Probe for Uninsulated Live Parts For UL Standard
    Probe for Uninsulated Live Parts

    Model ZLT-U02,  Conforms to :UL1278 Fig 8.1(PA130A),UL507 Fig 9.1(PA135A).

    Articulating Test Finger
    Articulating Finger Probe

    Model :ZLT-I02A ,  Conform to the IEC60335-1 clause 20.2.

    Test Arm For EN13683
    Test Arm

    Model: ZLT-E01,  Conform to the EN13683. Handle is nylon, tip is stainless steel.

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