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Tracking Tester ZLT-LDQ1
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Product Details

Tracking Tester 

Product details: Model ZLT-LDQ1

The ZLT Tracking Tester is used for the determination of comparative tracking index of solid electrical insulating materials on pieces taken from parts of electrical and electronic equipment and on plaques of material using alternating voltages.

The ZLT Tracking Tester is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator. Inside the well lit cabinet, a test specimen is placed on a glass plate and two platinum electrodes are lowered onto the top surface. A gauge block is supplied with the instrument to ensure the electrodes have the proper distance between them. The table height is easily adjustable to ensure the proper angle of the electrodes and height of drops. The rest of the test is controlled from outside the test chamber with the door closed. The voltage, limiting current, drip rate and number of drips are all set on the control panel. An operator should observe the test to see if a flame ignites. The instrument sounds an alarm if there is a tracking failure of at least two seconds.

Platinum is specified as a material for the electrodes. The power supply unit is designed for voltages up to 600 V, or up to 1000V. An electronic control unit serves for releasing the drops.

In the case of the ZLT tracking tester, the electrode arrangement is mounted in a stainless steel cabinet. By a glass door, a good accessibility of the testing arrangement ensures a pleasant working. A safety system breaks the supply when the cabinet is opened.


Input Power 220 V 50 Hz 3A or 110 V 60HZ  Optional
Power Consumption 650VA
Test Voltage 100~600V continuously adjustable, displayed value:r.m.s
Test Current Current limiting 1A±0.1A adjustable, displayed value:r.m.s,tolerance of 1.5%
Electrode Dimensions width: 5mm±0.1mm, thickness: 2mm±0.1mm, length >12mm, one end chisel-edge angle: 30°±2°,platinum.
Electrode Pressure 1.00N±0.05N
Dripping Nozzle outer diameter: 0.9mm~1.2mm for solution A
0.9mm~3.45mm for solution B
Dripping Interval 0-99 seconds (adjustable),the time for 50 drops to fall on the specimen shall be (24.5±2)min
Height  Drops 35mm±5mm
Dripping Weight The mass of a sequence of 50 drops shall lie between 0.997g and 1.147g
The mass of a sequence of 20 drops shall lie between 0.380g and 0.480g
Specimen Support Platform Thickness≥4mm glass
Volume Of Chamber >0.5m³(or 0.1m³), black interior
Outer Dimensions W*D*H=1100mm*550mm*1100mm
Conform to standard IEC60112, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1

Volume of chamber 0.1m³, Model: ZLT-LDQ1
Volume of chamber 0.5m³, Model: ZLT-LDQ2

Set of platinum electrodes
A bottle of ammonium chloride
A glass Platform
Gauge Block - 4mm

CE Certificate for Tracking Tester
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Place of origin: Guangzhou, China 
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Package: wooden case
Minimum Order: 1
Delivery Time: 20 working days

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