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Articulate Probe with Web Stop For UL Standard
Articulate Probe With Web Stop

Model ZLT-U01 ,conforms to :UL507 figure 9.2,UL982,UL1278 figure 8.3,UL1062,UL1310 figure 14.2,UL474,UL60065 ,UL1741 figure 9.1,UL1017 figure 2,etc

Straight Unjointed Test Probes For UL Standard
Straight Unjointed Test Probes

Model ZLT-U01A , conforms to IEC 62368-1 Annex V and figure V.1,

Probe for Uninsulated Live Parts For UL Standard
Probe for Uninsulated Live Parts

Model ZLT-U02,  Conforms to :UL1278 Fig 8.1(PA130A),UL507 Fig 9.1(PA135A).

Test Probe For UL Standard
Test Probe

Model ZLT-U03,  Conforms to UL standard, Φ1/4 inch , 3 inch long.

Test Probe for Film Coated Wire For UL Standard
Test Probe for Film Coated Wire

Model ZLT-U04,  Conforms to: UL1278 figure 8.2 (PA140A), UL398 figure 8.2 (PA170B).

Hazardous Moving Parts Probe For UL Standard
Hazardous Moving Parts Probe

Model ZLT-U05, Conform to:UL507 figure 8.1(PA160B),UL1278 figure 9.1(PA160)

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