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Glow Wire Tester
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Product Details

Glow  Wire Tester:

Product details :Model ZLT-GTR:

To determine the fire resistance by the fire hazard test, accordance with IEC60695-2-10:2013, IEC60335, IEC60598 and other standards.

The ignition source is imitated by an electrically heated wire loop against which the sample is pressed with a constant force. A miniature jacket thermocouple serves as a sensor for the loop temperature.

The sample has to be fastened to a carriage on which, by means of a tensioning cord, a weight with a force of 0.95N is effective in the direction of the wire loop. Scales enable the reading of the flame height and the depth of penetration. Approx 200 mm below the wire loop a board of pine wood, covered with a layer of tissue paper, is mounted. This device enables to judge the danger of a fire spreading through burning drops or glowing parts falling from the sample. The calibration is done with silver foil, when the foil melts, the measuring unit must indicate a temperature of 960℃.

Standard outfit:

1 wire loop of nickel-chromium, Φ4 mm, accordance with IEC60695-2-10 figure 1, with clamping mechanism, with Φ1.05 mm for the thermocouple,
1 carriage with fixture for the specimen, with a rate of approach and withdrawal of 10 mm/s to 25mm/s,
1 fine rope pull mechanism with weights for loads of 0.95±0.1N,
1 gauge of 7 mm for the depth of penetration, with maximum pointer and stop,
1 scale to measure the flame height,
1 high current isolating transformer to heat the wire loop, with series connected variable ratio transformer, to set the temperature up to 960±10℃,
1 type K thermocouple Chromel-alumel, Φ1,0 mm, length approx.500 mm, to indicate the temperature of the glow-wire loop, with digital display measuring range 0~1050℃, built-in operable,
1 chamber with a volume of at least 0,5 m3, black interior,
1 wooden board, 10 mm thick, 10 sheets of wrapping tissue, of grammage between 12g/㎡~30g/㎡.

Power supply: 220V50Hz other voltages request.

CE mark can be used:

CE Certificate for Glow Wire Tester


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