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Single Vertical Insulated Wire Flame Chamber Tester
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Product Details

Single Vertical Insulated Wire Flame Chamber Tester 


Product details: Model ZLT-BS1

This apparatus is for testing the resistance to vertical flame propagation for a single vertical electrical insulated conductor or cable, or optical fiber cable.


 Flame Standard   IEC60695-11-2, 1 kw nominal pre-mixedflame 
 Burner Tube   IEC60695-11-2 Figure A 
 Burning Angle   45°
 Thermocouple   Type K (Ni/Cr-Ni/AI),200°-1050°
 Thermocouple Size O/D   0.5mm 
 Thermocouple Resolution   1° C 
 Standard Copper Block   Weight: 10±0.05g before drilling .Cu-ETP
 Gas Supply ( don't provide )  propane ,min.95% purity 
 Input Power   220V 50HZ 3A or 115V 60HZ Optional 
 Inner Diemention   W*D*H=30cm*45cm*120cm 
 Conform to standard   IEC60332-1-1,IEC 60332-1-2 

Time for flame application

 Overall diameter of test piece   mm   Time for flame application  S 
 D ≤25  60±2
 25<D ≤50  120±2
 50<D ≤75  240±2
 D >75   480±2

Includes: Flame height gauge and 100% absorbent cotton.

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