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Vehicle Interior Material Vertical Flammability Test Equipment for DBL5307
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  • ZLT-CV1
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Product Details
Vehicle Interior Material Vertical Flammability Tester


Product details:Model ZLT-CV1

Test to determine vertical burning rate of certain category automobile interior material , according to DBL5307 clause 6.2. and other standards.

Standard Outfit:

1 Specimen holder,consists of a right-angled frame 560 mm high with 2 vertical bars connected permanently at a distance of 150 mm to which tips are attached,the tips that hold the specimen shall have a diameter of max.2 mm and a length of min.27 mm,so that the test specimen can be attached at a level at least 20 mm from the frame,

1 flame test,with a gas burner,shall be placed under the test specimen so that its axle is positioned in the center of the bottom edge of the test specimen,and shall be tilted 300 until vertical ,the distance between burner tip and specimen bottom edge shall be 20mm,

1 Ventilation system,shall be large enough to ensure the air velocity in vertical direction in the exhaust shall be between 0.10 m/s ~0.30 m/s.

1 Gauge,560×160 mm,is used for marking the positions of the attachment tips on the test specimen,in each corner of the measuring gauge, holes of ca.2 mm diameter shall be drilled which correspond to the position of the tips of the specimen holder.

1 protective device, 0.23 m3 ,

1 scale to measure the flame height,

1 PLC control system,to record and display the times test , and the spread rate,

Power supply: 220V50Hz other voltages request.

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