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Switch Life Test Machine
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Product Details

Switch Life Test Machine  


Product details:Model ZLT-SW 


To test switches having rated resistive-load currents up to 16 A, for household and similar purposes- at room temperature- concerning their breaking capacity and their capability to withstand the stresses occurring in normal use in accordance with IEC60669-1 clause 18 and 19. 


Standard outfit: 


1 or 2 or 3 actuating device(s) for rocker switches and push-button switches with 2 single-acting pneumatic cylinders each,

 1 housing, made of steel,with protective hood, 1 plug-in unit with front panel for the operating devices, 

1 control device for the entire unit: main switch with EMERGENCY OFF function,safety switch for the protective hood,mains cord and fuses, 

1 control device for each actuating device: programmable control unit, for adjusting and indicating the test parameters “number of strokes” and “stroke time”, start and stop push-buttons, 


Connection to AC 220 V 50Hz, other voltages and frequencies on request, 


For one specimen,one rotary switch,one tumbler switch, one rocker switch and push-button switch, model ZLT-SW1 

For two specimen, two rotary switches,two tumbler switches, two rocker switches and push-button switches,model ZLT-SW2

 For three specimen,three rotary switches,three tumbler switches, three rocker switches and push-button switches, model ZLT-SW3

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