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Socket Plug Strength Test Device
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Product Details

Socket & Plug Strength Test Device

Product details: Model ZLT-CB1.


For verification of the maximum and minimum withdrawal force of the socket and plug, according to IEC60884 1 figure 18 and 19, VDE0620-2005 bild 19.
The construction of accessories shall allow for easy insertion and withdrawal of the plug, and prevent the plug from working out of the socket outlet in normal use. Interlocked accessories are tested in unlocked position. Compliance is checked, for socket outlets only, by a test to ascertain that the max force necessary to withdraw the test plug from the socket outlet is not higher than the force specified in standard; by a test to ascertain that the min force necessary to withdraw a single pin gauge from the individual contact assembly is not lower than the force specified in standard.
Standard outfit:
1 test stand,
1 set of weights, 29,2576 N-27N-18N-9N-10N-8N-7N-5,4N-5N-4N-3,6N-1N-0,5N,
1 principal weight 250 g, test plug 315 g and clamp 123 g, total 688 g(6,7424 N) for maximum withdrawal force,
1 supplementary weight 110 g clamp 43 g for minimum withdrawal force force,
1 standard plug (10 A 2 pin)
1 standard plug (10 A 3 pin)
1 standard plug (16A 3 pin)
1 sets of standard pin (10 A and 16 A)

Test plugs made from hardened steel with roughness not exceeding 0.8mm.

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