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Insulating Tape Flame Tester
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Product Details
Insulating Tape Flame Tester 

Model ZLT-BS2

Product details:

This apparatus is  for testing the resistance to flame propagation for a insulating tape,according to IEC60454-2 clause 20,UL510 clause 6.

Standard Outfit:

1 protective device, comprising a three-sided metal enclosure, 305mm wide,355mm deep and 610mm high,and the top and front of the enclosure are to be open

1 flame test, with a gas burner in accordance with 7.11 or ISO 10093,have an internal diameter of 9,5mm and shall extend 102mm above the air inlets, and a wedge to which the base of the burner can be secured at an angle of 200 from vertical,in accordance with IEC 60454-2 figure 11;

1 means of securing the test specimen with longitudinal axis vertical to the centre of the enclosure, in accordance with IEC60454-2 figure 10,
1 scale to measure the flame height,

1 type K thermocouple Chromel-alumel, to indicate the temperature with digital display measuring range 816℃ or higher, built-in operable,

1 steel mandrel,3,5mm in diameter and 460mm long, and 1 mass of 2kg±20g is then attached to the free end of the tape to provide tension,

1 winding jig to support the mandrel at each end in such a manner that the mandrel can be rotated so that the tape can be wound thereon.tilting the major axis of the mandrel to the horizontal.

Power supply: 220V50Hz other voltages request.

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