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The torque test for devices forming a part of the MAINS plug


The torque test for devices forming a part of the MAINS plug

According to IEC 60065 clasue 15.4, a device provided with pins intended to be introduced into fixed socket-outlets shall not impose undue strain on these socket-outlets.

Compliance is checked by engaging the device, as during intended use, with the socket-outlet of a test apparatus as shown in Figure 11. The balancing arm of the test apparatus pivots about a horizontal axis through the centre lines of the contact tubes of the socket-outlet at a distance of 8 mm behind the engagement face of the socket-outlet.
With the device not in engagement, the balancing arm is in equilibrium, the engagement face of the socket-outlet being in the vertical position.

After the device has been engaged, the torque to be applied to the socket-outlet to maintain its engagement face in the vertical plane is determined by the position of a weight on the balancing arm. The torque shall not exceed 0,25 Nm.
NOTE 1 This test is compatible with the test described in the IEC 60884-1.
This Torque Device is also known as Socket Outlet Torque Balance.

Zhilitong Electromechanical Co., Ltd manufactures torque device ZLT-LJ2, which meets with requirements of above IEC standard and is accepted by many testing laboratories.

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