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Plug Pin Abrasion Testing Machine
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Product Details

Plug Pin Abrasion Testing Machine

Product details: Model ZLT-CTZ1:


To determine the abrasion resistance of insulating sleeves of plug pins by moving backwards and forwards, according to IEC60884 1 Fig 28, EN 50075 Fig 9, VDE0620 bile 29 and BS1363 Fig 9.
The test apparatus comprises a horizontally disposed beam, which is pivoted about its centre point. A short length of steel wire, 1 mm in diameter and bent into a U-shape, the base of the U being straight, is rigidly attached, at both ends, to one end of the beam, so that the straight part projects below the beam and is parallel to the axis of the beam pivot.
The plug is held by a suitable clamp in such a position that the straight part of the steel wire rests on the plug pin, perpendicular to it. The pin slopes downwards at an angle of 10° to the horizontal.
The beam is loaded so that the wire exerts a force of 4 N on the pin.


Standard Outfit:

1 carrier, stroke 9±0,2 mm, with support for clamping the specimens with plug pin inclined 10° to the horizontal,
1 eccentric driver unit with geared motor, for 30-5 movements of the carrier per minute,
1 beam, with scraping head, including holding device for the steel wire, with adjustable counterweight,
1 weight, for loading force 4-0,1N,
1 steel wire, diameter 1±0,02 mm, bent into a rectangular U-shape,
1 electrical predetermining counter, 6-digit, reset, to indicate the number of strokes,
1 eccentric for lifting the scraping head.
Power supply : 220V 50Hz or 110V60Hz, other voltages on request.

Model ZLT-CTZ2, as type ZLT-CTZ1, but for 2 samples, with 2 weights, 2 beams and 2 carriers with specimen supports.

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