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Plug Pin Abrasion Test Equipment
Plug Pin Abrasion Testing Machine

ZLT-CTZ1, to determine the abrasion resistance of insulating sleeves of plug pins by moving backwards and forwards, according to IEC60884 1 Fig 28, EN 50075 Fig 9, VDE0620 bile 29 and BS1363 Fig 9.

Test Rod For IEC61032 Test Probe 32
Test Rod

Model :ZLT-I15 Rod:Ø25mm , Conform to IEC61032 Test probe32. The handle is made of nylon, tip is made of stainless steel.

Low Temperature Cable Impact Test Equipment
Low Temperature Insulated Cable Impact Test Apparatus

ZLT-DCJ2, To determine the mechanical strength of insulated cords, cables, couplers, insulating sleeves and enclosures in the cold, according to IEC60811-1-4 figure 2, IEC60811-506:2012 figure 1,IEC 6...

Test Thorn Probe For IEC61032 Test Probe 41
Test Thorn Probe

Model: ZLT-I16 For testing accessibility in appliances with visibly glowing heating elements. Also for testing parts supporting such elements. Complies with IEC61032 Test probe 41, IEC60335-1

Non Solid Pins Test Equipment
Non Solid Pins Test Device

ZLT-CXY1, to determine the mechanical strength of non solid pins, accordance with IEC80884 1 figure14,VDE 0620 Bild 12.

Test Bar For IEC61032 Test Probe 43
Test Bar

Model: ZLT-I17 Width 50mm, 5mm thick, 175mm long. Conform to IEC61032 Test probe 43.

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