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Flexion Test Apparatus
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Product Details

Flexion Test Apparatus 


Product details: Model ZLT-DSG3


Similar to ZLT DSG2, but according to IEC60947 figure 1 and clause, table 5.

Standard Outfit:

1 revolving platen with vertical axis of rotation, to move the conductor, clamped into the specimen,
1 accommodation for bushings, with angular contact ball bearing, built into the revolving platen with eccentricity 37,5mm, to guide the conductor clamped into the specimen, bore 15mm,
1 AC motor to drive the revolving platen at 10±2rpm,
1 hand vice to fix the specimen, height(H) adjustable to 260mm-280mm-300mm-320mm-343mm-368mm-406mm-432m-464mm,with interchangeable jaws,
1 collar bushings with bore hole diameter 6,5mm-9,5mm-13mm-14,5mm-15,9mm-19,1mm-22,2mm-25,4mm-28,6mm, to be inserted into the accommodation of the revolving platen,
1 Pulling weight piece , one of 5N-20N-40N-36N-51N-100N-103N and two of 10N-35N-200N,
1 Mass weight piece, one of 0,2kg-0,3kg-0,4kg-0,7kg-0,9kg-1,4kg-2,0kg-2,9kg-4,5kg-5,9kg-6,8kg-8,6kg-9,5kg-10,4kg-14kg-15kg-16,8kg-20kg-22,7kg.
1 circuit continuity tester to monitor the clamping point, to stop the timer and to switch off the whole machine,
1 rack mounted unit with control panel, with main switch, timer to preselect the desired test duration, push-button for inching, start and stop push-buttons as well as switch to activate monitoring by the circuit continuity tester.
Power supply : 220V 50Hz or 110V60Hz, other voltages on request.

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