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Vehicle Interior Material Vertical Flame Test Machine
Vehicle Interior Material Vertical Flammability Test Equipment for DBL5307

Test to determine vertical burning rate of certain category automobile interior material , according to DBL5307 clause 6.2, and other standards

Vehicle Interior Material Flame Test Machine
Vehicle Interior Material Horizontal Flammability Tester for Fmvss571.302

Test to determine horizontal burning rate of certain category automobile interior material , according to FMVSS571.302 and other standards

 RDC-DD Mechanical Shock Tester for Charging of Electric Vehicles
RDC-DD Mechanical Shock Test Machine

For mechanical shocks the RDC-DD for charging of electric vehicles ,in according IEC 62955 clause 9.12.1 and figure 11.

Mechanical Load Tester for Conductive Charging of Electric Vehicles
Mechanical Load Strength Test Equipment

To mechanical load test for conductive charging of electric vehicles,according to IEC 62196 figure 24 and clause 36.3.

Small-diameter Ball  Impact Test Apparatus
Small-diameter Ball Impact Tester

Testing resistance to impact by small diameter ball  in accordance with ISO4532,EN438-2 clause 20,ISO4586-2 clause 12.

Insulating Tape Flame Test Apparatus
Insulating Tape Flame Tester

This apparatus is  for testing the resistance to flame propagation for a insulating tape,according to IEC60454-2 clause 20,UL510 clause 6.

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