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Cord Anchorage Torque  Test Equipment
Cord Anchorage Torque Test Apparatus

ZLT-LJ4, to torque test of plugs and connectors provided with a flexible cable,rated current 13A to 400A, according to IEC62196 clause 25.3 and table 19. 

Expanded Metal Spacer
Expanded Metal Spacer

ZLT-S1. according to IEC 60598 clause 9.2, to tests for ingress of dust, solid objects and moisture,

Scratch Pin
Scratch Pin Probe

ZLT-GC1A ,according to IEC60950 figure 2K and clause,IEC60335-1 clause 21.2.

Three Pulley And Two Pulley Cable Flexing Testing Equipment
Three Pulley And Two Pulley Cable Flexing Testing Machine

ZLT-QL1A.  adding three pulley flexing test, have a modified carrier C, For checking the mechanical durability of flexible cords and cables by bending them back and forth, according to ...

Test Probe for EC 60335-2-30 clause 11.8.
75 mm diameter Test Probe

ZLT-P08, the test probe is 75mm in diameter,of unrestricted length and with a hemispherical end,conforms to IEC 60335-2-30 clause 11.8.

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