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Three Pulley And Two Pulley Cable Flexing Testing Machine
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  • ZLT-QL1A
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Three Pulley And Two Pulley Cable Flexing Testing Machine

Model ZLT-QL1A., 

similar to ZLT-QL1, but adding three pulley flexing test, have a modified carrier C, For checking the mechanical durability of flexible cords and cables by bending them back and forth, This test does not apply to flexible cables with cores of nominal cross-sectional area greater than 4㎜2,nor to cables having more than 18 cores laid up in more than two concentric layers, according to IEC60245-2/1998-04 figure 1, IEC 60245-2 figure 6 and clause 3.5 table 3. IEC60227-2/1997-11 figure 1, IEC60065 /1998-07 Table 11.

Standard Outfit:

1 carrier, with recirculating-ball bearing bushes running below the table-board on two cylindrical guideways, with mounted traveling boom.

1 geared motor with chain and connecting rod to drive the carrier with a speed 0.33 m/s±5%.

1 set per sample of bolts and nuts for fastening the pulleys.

1 set per sample of restraining clamps and stops to limit the travel of the sample.

1 set per sample of instrument terminals or – after agreement-plugs and socket-outlets for connection of sample.

1 set per sample of clamps to fasten the samples beneath the instrument terminals.

For 2 pulleys:

1 set pulleys of diameter 60mm-80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm.

1 set weights from 0.5 kg to 8 kg.

For 3 Pulleys:

1 speed adjustment, for constant speed of the modified carrier C 0.1~0.33 m/s.

3 set pulleys wheels of 40-45-50 mm.


1 electrical switching and control unit with main switch, lockable switch.

1 electrical control system of load current 0~25A, load voltage 0~400V, testing stops when current interruption, short circuit between the wires, short circuit between the sample and the pulley.

Power supply: 380V 50Hz, other voltage on request.



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