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Thermal Deformation Test Device
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Product Details

Thermal Deformation Test Device

Product details: Model ZLT-JR1


To determine the deformation which wire in a high temperature and load, in accordance with UL1581 560 test, and figure 560.1. The device is to be of brass and is to consist of five rods that are free to move vertically in a support frame. The assembly is to be constructed for use in a heated oven. Each rod is to be straight and 0,750±0,010 inch in diameter. The weight of each rod is to be 250 g. The lower end of each rod is to be reduced in diameter to 0,375±0,010 inch for the final 3/4-inch of the rod.
Standard Outfit:
1 frame, is to consist of five flat, rectangular plates spaced 2-1/4 inches and parallel to one another in a rigid assembly.
5 sets of weights, 50g-100g-200g-500g-1000g.

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