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Automatic Cord Reels Endurance Tester
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  • ZLT-JX1
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Product Details

Automatic Cord Reels Endurance Tester  

Product details: Model ZLT-JX1.

To determine endurance of automatic cord reels , in accordance with IEC60335-1 clause 22.16 and UL1017 clause 5.16.

Two thirds of the length of the cord is unreeled. If the withdrawable length of the cord is less than 225 cm, the cord is unreeled so that a length of 75 cm remains on the reel. An additional length of 75 cm of the cord is then unreeled and pulled in a direction so that the greatest abrasion occurs to the sheath, taking into account the normal position of use of the appliance. Where the cord leaves the appliance, the angle between the axis of the cord during the test and the axis of the cord when it is unreeled without substantial resistance is approximately 60°or 90°. The cord is allowed to be recoiled by the reel.

The test is carried out 6 000 times at a rate of approximately 30 times per minute (or 10 times per minute, in accordance with UL1017 clause 5.16)or at the maximum rate allowed by the construction of the cord reel if this is less.

Technical Parameter:

●Power Supply: AC220V50Hz, other voltages on request,
●Air Supply: Compressed air 5~7kg/cm2 (air to be supplied by the customer),
●Test Rate: 30 times per minute or at the maximum rate allowed by the construction of the cord reel if this is less,
●Test Times: 0~9999 times; no more test can be conducted if the number of test already conducted has reached the required one (able to be preset),
●Driving Means: Driven by air (compressed air),
●Angle: 30~90°, adjustable,
●Drawing Stroke: Maximum – 1,000mm (adjustable).

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