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Screwed Glands Test Device
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Product Details

Screwed Glands Test Device 

Product details: Model ZLT-LWM1.

To determine the torque strength of the screwed glands,in accordance with the IEC60598-1 clause 4.12.5.

Screwed glands shall be fitted with a cylindrical metal rod having a diameter equal to the nearest whole number of millimeter below the internal diameter of the packing. The glands shall then be tightened by means of a suitable spanner, the moment shown in following table being applied to the spanner for 1 min.

Table -Torque tests on glands

 Diameter of test rod (mm)   Moment   
   Metal glands (Nm)   Mounted plastic glands (Nm) 
 Up to and 7  6.25  2.5
 Over 7 up to 14  6.25  3.25
 Over 14 up to 20   7.50  5
 Over 20   10  7.50

Standard Outfit:
1 set of stainless steel test rods 4~40mm,
1 set of weights,15 N-20 N-25 N-30 N-40 N,
1 cylinder, diameter 250 mm.

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