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Test Corner
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Product Details

Test Corner

Product details:Model ZLT-BDK


To measure the temperatures in the bases or in the fixing surfaces for appliances and luminaires in operation,according to IEC 60335-1 clause 11.2 and 11.3, EN61010 clause 9.2,VDE 0551 Part 1,VDE 0700 Part 1.


Standard Outfit:


3 plywood board, approximately 20 mm thick, with frame on all sides ,


1 set of copper disks,diameter 15 mm,1 mm thick,their front flush with the surface of the plywood board,


1 set of fine-wire thermoelectric nickelchromium-nickel(NiCr-Ni), soldered to the back of the copper disks,thermoelectric wires with a diameter of 0,3 mm,


1 socket-outlet with plug, two-pole, almost without thermoelectric voltage,mounted on the right hand of the change-over switches , plug with cable of nickelchromium-nidkel,length 1.5m,for the connection of a measuring instrument.


Sizes of boards,thermocuple materials, thickness and arrangement of the copper disks,modes for switch-over and connection(e.g. For multichannel recording ),as well as stands,wall fastenings and measuring instruments:on request.

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