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Pendulum Impact Test Apparatus
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Product Details

Pendulum Impact Test Apparatus

Product Details: Model ZLT-BC1.


To test the mechanical strength with impact energies of 0.14 J up to 1.0 J, striking element according to IEC60068-2-75 Tab. 1 and Tab.2, similar Annex D.

Striking element according to Table 1,Φ 18.5 mm and Φ20 mm, equivalent mass 0.25 kg and 0.2 kg, impact energies and heights of fall according to Table 2,

Standard Outfit:

1 tubular pendulum arm of stainless steel, external diameter 9 mm, wall thickness 0.5 mm, effective pendulum length 1000±1 mm.
2 striking elements, mass 200 g and 250 g , spherical segment-shaped polyamide insert R 10 mm,85≤HRR≤100 Rockwell hardness.
1 fall height scale-56mm,80mm,100mm,140mm,150mm,200mm,250mm,280mm,400mm.
1 basic frame, height approx.1270 mm, width approx. 200 mm, with bores for screws for mounting on a wall.
1 extension arm, vertically adjustable, with horizontally adjustable pendulum pivot,
1 extension arm, vertically adjustable, with release mechanism for the pendulum, scale for height of fall horizontally adjustable.
1 mounting Fixture according to IEC60068-2-75/1997-08 Annex D Fig.D.3, with steel block 175 mm*210 mm*35 mm, mass 10 kg, turnable around its vertical axis and to be clamped with tommy-screws, sheet of plywood 175 mm*175 mm*8 mm, in clamping rails movable to the sides and to be turned in steps of 90°around its central axis rectangular to the sheet of plywood.
●Material of construction made of stainless steel.
●Mounting block, similar to IEC60068-2-75/1997-08 Annex D Fig D.4, for testing flush-type specimens, made of beech 125 mm*125 mm*50 mm, with through bore diameter 65 mm, on plywood sheet 175 mm*175 mm*8 mm.

ZLT Pendulum Impact-Test Apparatus for impact energies  up to 2J.


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