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Steel Ball Dropping Test Device
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Product Details

Steel Ball Dropping Test Device

Product details: Model ZLT-DL


For testing the mechanical strength and the impact strength by pendulum test and by drop test, according to IEC60598 Fig 21,IEC60950 clause 4.2.5 and figure 4A. A solid smooth steel ball, approximately 50 mm in diameter and with a mass of 500 g±25 g, is permitted to fall freely from rest through a vertical distance of 1.3 m onto the sample.
In addition, the steel ball is suspended by a cord and swung as a pendulum in order to apply a horizontal impact, dropping through a vertical distance of 1.3 m onto the sample.


Standard Outfit:

2 steel ball, 1 diameter 50±0.3 mm, mass 500 g±25 g, with 1 thread bores M4, another no with thread bores,

1 test frame, impact height adjustable 0.5 m ~1.5 m

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