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High Voltage ARC Tracking Erosion Resistance Tester
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Product Details High Voltage ARC Tracking Erosion Resistance Tester


Product details:Model ZLT-HVA


To determine the susceptibility of the test material to track or form a visible carbonized conducting path over the surface when subjected to high-voltage,low-current arcing,according to UL746A clause 25,figure 25.1.


Standard Outfit:


1 power transformer rated 250 VA minimum primary 120 VA A-C,root mean square(VAC RMS)60 Hz,secondary open-circuit volts 5200 VAC RMS.

1 current-limiting resistor bank(with a variable nominal resistance of 2.2 megohms) capable of limiting the short-circuit current at the electrodes to 2.36 mA.

2 test electrodes, consisting of a No. 303 stainless steel rod having a diameter of 3.2 mm (1/8 inch) and an overall length of approximately 102 mm (4 inches). The end is to be machined to a symmetrical conical point having an overall angle of 30 degrees. The radius of curvature for the

point is not to exceed 0.1 mm at the start of the given test. The electrodes are to be mounted in a

common vertical plane, parallel to the axis of the test specimen, orthogonal to one another, and are

to have an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal such that their tips contact the surface of the specimen with a normal force of 0.20 ±0.04 N (20.4 ±4.0 gf). One of the electrodes is to be fixed

and the other is to be movable in a horizontal direction to increase the length of the air gap between electrodes, while maintaining the 45-degree angle.

1 timer,is to be incorporated in the test fixture so that the operator can record the length of time of the test.

1 control system,by PLC.


Power supply:220V 50Hz other voltages request.

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