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Cable Abrasion Resistance Tester For IEC60794
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Product Details IEC 60229 Extruded Insulation Sheath Abrasion Testing Machine

Product details:Model:ZLT-CAS1

To tests on extruded oversheaths with a special protective function,according to IEC 60229 figure 1,clause,BS EN 60229,BS 6724 ,IEC 60794-1-2 Method E2A and Method E2B Abrasion Test.

Technical parameter:

Power Supply:A.C.220V 50Hz,other voltages and frequencies on request.
Scraping speed: set on the PLC touch screen;
Scraping stroke: not less than 600mm
Load weight: a set of weights. Stacking these weights can achieve loads of 5N, 10N, 15N, 35N, 65N, 105N, 155N, 210N, 270N, 340N, 420N, 500N and 550N,achieved by stacking.
Operation mode: PLC touch screen operation and control;
Scraping tools: Ф1mm needle *2 pcs, , wool felt fixture: 1 set. angle iron*2 pcs





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